We have been breeding puppies for three generations so you can rest assured you will get the benefit of generations of experience and breeding. Our standards are among the highest you will find anywhere and we give our guarantee of quality and health with every puppy when it goes to its new home.

Giving a puppy a home is a life changing event and we are here to support you throughout that process. You should take a moment to read our feedback pages, this is just a small sample of the hundreds of families, who relied on us while choosing their new best friend and who now have the joy and happiness of pet ownership.

If you are looking for a pet please feel free to call us for a chat or make an appointment to come along and meet some of our dogs, it is vitally important that you are satisfied and confident that a dog is what you need in your life and that you understand what it means to provide and care for them for 10 or even 15 years.

Buy a puppy responsibly and remember, we will never refuse to take one of our dogs back if your situation changes! We have a lifelong commitment to dogs bred by us.

We are open 7 days a week and do our best to ensure all calls & emails are answered. Viewings are available from 10.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m. (4.00 p.m. on Sundays) with the phones being manned up until 9:30 p.m. You are welcome to browse our pedigree Pitbull puppy or re-homing pages. We try to update our website as frequently as possible. We are fully licensed and would urge you to seek out a licensed legitimate breeder rather than the many fake Sellers currently taking advantage of the United States pet purchasers.

All Downtown Pitbull Pups affiliate pitbull breeders love their XL and XXL pitbull puppies just like we do.  This pitbull breeders' community shares information, attends shows together, share videos and updates on their thriving pitbull puppies.  They are very proud members and we enjoy watching the community grow.  Our dogs are not for everyone.  They are exclusive to owners who have gone through our vetting process and are ready to add a new member to their family.  Our puppy pit bulls are bred for both small and large families.  They are currently used as therapy dogs, service dogs, and family guard dogs.  They are non-aggressive, loyal and very protective of their new family. Also, our puppy pitbulls are very smart and are great company for children or elders in your home. That is the main focus of our Pitbull breeding program and what makes us the best pitbull breeders in the USA.

Pitbull Puppy Sizes


If you are searching for bully puppies for sale near me that excel in both brains and brawn, you have come to the right place. Our Pitbull puppies are gigantic.  We own one of the Biggest Champagne Pitbulls in the world and definitely own LB FOR LB the Biggest Bluenose Pitbull in the world. Our dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club as American Pitbull Terriers.  Many of our puppies have Won Best XL American Bully in show and best of breed at numerous show locations across the world.

Our XXL Pitbull Puppies sizes range between 100lbs to 170lbs.  It really depends on the parents, the pick of the litter, and the gender of the pitbull puppy.


Our XL Pitbull Puppies sizes range between 80lbs to 130lbs typically.  Again, it really depends on the parents and how the breeding matched up.

Pitbull Puppy Nutrition

As professional pitbull breeders, we keep our XL pitbull puppies on the dam's milk until they reach weaning age. We want the puppies to receive healthy antibodies from the dam's milk to fortify their immune systems. Once the baby pitbulls start teething, we introduce them to solid foods. Our choice of healthy puppy food include chicken, eggs, and ground beef. All our pitbull puppies are raised on Bullyade healthy pet supplement to boost their growth and immunity. We always encourage our ManMade pit bull breeders to keep their pitbull puppies on a raw diet which is healthier and has more nutrition.

Training and Socialization

Our pit bull puppies are trained to be obedient. When a puppy is old enough, we socialize it to older dogs and children. We raise our bully puppies for sale in a loving family environment. Frequent interaction with humans and other dogs builds good behavior and temperament in our dogs.

Also, as pitbull breeders, we ensure all our affiliate MMK pitbull breeders follow the right and humane procedures for training and socialising their bully puppies. We are big on reward-based training which brings out the best in our bully puppies for sale.